FLOW, the signature method of Dawnelle Arthur and QiFlow, is designed to create strong movers through the philosophy of Wu Wei: effortless action or non-aggression. FLOW is not yoga. Rather, it fuses aspects of physical therapy, yoga, dance, martial arts, strength training, and more. Move weird. Embrace new movements to get new results - in both body and mind!

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Saturdays 9:30 am -10:30 am & Wednesdays 4 pm - 5 pm


Primal Aspects with NATE

In order to thrive, we must be able to move in a way that maximizes full range of motion and power output, but does not compromise our joints, ligaments, muscles, and spine. This is a physical education system based on the full spectrum of natural human movement skills so we may maintain them in this modern world. Get ready - this class is an obstacle course to challenge and hone those skills!

Saturdays 10:45 am - 12 pm



This class utilizes rigorous exercises, specifically designed to create myofascial tension to decompress the discs and allow fluid to create space between vertebrae. These help prevent disc herniation and increase strength along the entire back. Correct form, strong concentration, and focused awareness maximize benefits. A pain-free, mobile spine ensures a better flow of energy through the whole body.

Saturdays 12:15 pm - 1 pm