Mindfully B Movement was created as a safe space for anyone to

better know their bodies and mind on the path to well-being.

Movement, nutrition, and meditation classes are for anyone - regardless of background, color, shape, beliefs, gender, ability, etc.! 

Wellness is your birthright. And Iā€™m simply here to empower you to take back your health and live your life to the fullest. 

Let us nourish and move the body and mind so we may BE WELL in all ways.
— Maggie Brown



A simple question digs deeper.

Into the body, the mind, the connection between individuals and the whole. 

My "why" for creating Mindfully B Movement is simple.

I felt the need to create a space for people like me to find their way to personal health, whatever that means for each individual and/or family.

We're each unique - and our path to wellness should reflect that.  

I yearned to fuse my knowledge of Human Nutrition-Dietetics and movement therapy to help people better understand and work with (rather than against) their physical form, in order to reach a higher level of being - above frustration and pain from the average "diet and exercise" game. I believe, for each of us, that a natural rhythm exists for a balanced and sustainable lifestyle.

A bit about me...

I grew up in a handful of small Michigan towns, living with my single mother, my brother, and sometimes my grandparents. We ate foods that were inexpensive, often covered by WIC and/or Food Stamps (now "SNAP"), and we didn't "exercise" much. I remember seeing my grandfather's health deteriorate with back pain, arthritis, Type 2 Diabetes, multiple confusing prescriptions, and the whole nine yards. Although we had a small produce garden on a farm at the time, it was short-lived and under-valued. I struggled with my personal health and fitness through my first couple years in college. Then a spark went off and I began to understand the value of physical activity, nutrition and the way I fueled my body. I started to feel simultaneously lighter, stronger, and brighter. I lost weight and gained muscle. I leaned away from insecurities and leaned into confidence and taking chances to better my life. While earning a Bachelor of Science in Human Nutrition-Dietetics at MSU Denver, I also completed a fusion teacher training at QiFlow, a gym and studio for 13 years in Denver that focuses on healthy range of motion and a beautiful balance of strength and softness. In the midst of all that mental and physical growth, I found myself working passionately in community health to improve access to nutrition for our less fortunate community members and reduce food loss (and its negative environmental impacts). It made sense to me that fair access to healthy food, environmental consciousness,nutrient-dense eating, and intentional movement that helps one age well... these things lead to holistic wellness for the individual and all living beings. And beyond that, with more current research into neuroscience of brain health, these habits are best adopted through experiential learning [Not surprising, right? Many of us learn best by doing!]. When that experiential learning is paired with mindfulness of thought, breath, form, or action - doors open, we find potential and purpose, and we can grow into the next chapter of this adventure called life. 

So let us mindfully DO that which makes us WELL.