Taoist Sitting Meditation with UNITY

Courtesy of Wind Mountain Water Tai Chi, this class is an introduction to Taoist Sitting Meditation. Simple warmup exercises are used to open the body and prepare for meditation. A specific posture is used to align the body and allow the breath and energy to flow. Specific breathing methods are used to focus the breath, settle the mind, absorb energy, and convert it to Chi. This practice centers and relaxes the body and mind; relieves physical and mental stress; increases oxygen in the body; enhances blood flow; enhances and tunes the nerves' electrical signals/impulses, and more.



T'ai Chi Ch'uan - Grasp Sparrow's Tail Part I with RICHARD

Richard has been practicing T'ai Chi for over 38 years and teaches Master Waysun Liao's Temple Style of T'ai Chi Ch'uan. T'ai Chi can yield good health, balance, as well as center, focus and ground your being. This class is a 12-part series, as outlined below. For more information on Richard and T'ai Chi Ch'uan, please visit wmw.taichi.org
This introduction series will cover: Warmup exercises & Preparation Form; Beginning Stance and form; Upward-Downward & Inward-Outward; Tai Chi Ball, Tai Chi Ball right & left- first four form sequence; Arrow & Bow stance & Twist; Carry Tai Chi Ball Forward - First five sequences; Ward Off, Roll Back; Press, Push; Four Forms - first five sequence review; Grasp Sparrow’s Tail short form.

*This class series has ended* Please join us for the next series!


T'ai Chi Ch'uan - Grasp Sparrow's Tail Part II with RICHARD

This class series will cover: form sequence review; Single Whip & Stance; Raise Hands stance; Grasp Sparrow's Tail Form; Inward & Outward 2; forms review; Single Hand Push with air; Single Hand Push with air with partner and Changing Doors; meditation, Single Hand Press walking forward and back; meditation.
**Please know that our goal is to encourage all prospective Tai Chi students to attend all classes to get the best benefits from the study and practice. If you would like to arrange a payment plan for this class series, please don't hesitate to contact studio owner Maggie Brown.

WEDNESDAYS 6:30PM - 7:30pm