Radiant Vinyasa ~ This class is meant to make you RADIATE when you step into the rest of your day. We'll move with vigor and attention to detail, connecting breath and body to expand and contract in dynamic asana. Be prepared to sweat and smile - then take that base of strength and support off the mat and into your ever-changing life.

Join Maggie on Tuesdays/Thursdays at 6am

Mindful Vinyasa ~ This class is designed to deeply connect with the foundations of Yoga; by bringing full attention to the breath, mindful, dynamic movement follows to create strength, flexibility and simultaneous stillness and peace within. Each class weaves together supportive and powerful flowing sequences to move the body toward static poses, arm balances and inversions. Modifications and variations are available for every level of practice.

Join Molly Jo on Tuesdays at 4pm

Jovial Vinyasa ~ Infuse your practice with JOY, laughter, and a whole lotta self-love. This class keeps it light, fun, and always fluid. We cultivate lasting happiness through gratitude, humor, courage, and thinking of others. We take inspiration from ideals like the Dalai Lama's quote, “I always consider myself personally one of seven billion human beings. Nothing special. So, on that level, I have tried to make people aware that the ultimate source of happiness is simply a healthy body and a warm heart."

Join Misty on Thursdays at 6pm

All Levels Vinyasa ~ This class connects one breath to one movement through various sequences, opening up the body slowly into a powerful flow that is sure to reconnect body and mind. Class is designed for all skill levels.

Join Misty on Donation-Based-Sundays at 2pm



Yin ~ works into the deeper connective tissues through long-held floor postures available to all students at all levels. Yin is simple, but it does not always mean easy. These postures are held from 3-10 minutes to in which we can pay attention to what is really happening, right here, right now. Bring extra layers of clothing as your body temperature will drop. Yin Yoga is a great practice to support and grow your mediation practice, reduce stress, or simply become more present.

Join Kate on mondays at 6pm



Restorative yoga is total relaxation through a sequence floor-based yoga postures practiced with a myriad of blankets, bolsters, and blocks (props). Feel tension melt away, your body and mind relax through these long-held floor postures with props. Dress warmly with extra layers of clothing to stay warm and cozy during these relaxed, long-held postures. This is a great practice to pair with a fiery, fast past day or intense exercise or if you need a safe space to help support your body time to heal from injury or illness.

Join Kate on Fridays at 6pm

We also offer an Herbal Restore ~ Designed to offer respite and refuge within and throughout. Beginning each practice with a Botanical Tea Ceremony to align with plant allies and set intention. Moving through a short, gentle vinyasa sequence to loosen the fascia and connect fully to the breath, we prepare the body for deep relaxation and release through long-held, static poses with the nourishing support of props (blankets, bolsters, blocks, etcetera). We will slowly nestle down deep into darkness and Svasana with guided meditation.

Join Molly Jo on Tuesdays at 6pm